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Arms up! by Ancientbarioth1
Arms up!
Phew, just in time.

I admit, I haven't been super active for the group :iconpkmnskies:... I went into a bit of an artistic slump, but hopefully this pic should cover my bases if the earning journal tells it true.

Can you tell that I have no idea what to do when it comes to shading?
PKMN Skies: Furious Murry by Ancientbarioth1
PKMN Skies: Furious Murry
For :iconpkmnskies:


Age: 28

Gender: Male


Weight: 95.2 kg

Species: #260 Swampert

Hometown: Cianwood City

Birthdate: The 8th of April

Nature: Brave

Personality: [+brave][+friendly][-bull headed][-loud]
 Despite the nickname, Murry's an amiable fellow. He can be stuborn when trying to get you to workout with him, but when off the clock, you can often find him taking in lifes simple pleasures. Things like swimming laps, lifting weights and- Wait a minute... Yeah, Murry's a workout machine! Its true, this dude rarely ever stops for a break. Keeping in shape is what keeps him going in life, what with the whole career in fitness and Muay Thai. Its not to say that he doesn't enjoy doing other things, but he can be more than reluctant to put the dumbells down. That being said, Murry still finds hanging out with the bros the second best way to spend the afternoon and is pretty easy going in what the day holds when hes free from pumping iron.

Like his nature implys, Murry fears little and won't shy from a fight. He stands for what he believes in, with fierce determination and a stuborn attitude thats second to none. This isn't always a good thing, because when he thinks he's right, only hard evidence will convince him otherwise. And then theres the "Fog Horn". Murry is loud, plain and simple. Hes not one to keep his opinions to himself, and good luck trying to make him. That dress looks weird on your friend? Keep Murry away, lest he point it out right away or laughs at the ridiculous image. Want a nice quite dinner with your parents? Don't invite Murry, cause if he disagrees with dad, its gonna be a long night. Its not like he means to be rude, its just easier voicing opinions then keeping them to himself.

Overall, Murry enjoys the company of other people, and an exercise buddy is always a huge boon to the day for him. So if you wanna get on his good side fast, pick up those weights and pump some iron with him. Sweat it out, bruh!

:iconwatertypeplz: Muddy Water
:iconnormaltypeplz: Protect
:iconfightingtypeplz: Power-up Punch
:icongroundtypeplz: Dig

Murry was born in Goldenrod City, and spent most of his childhood there. His father owned a gym and his mother was a house wife. Groing up in a small house was rather cramped, what with him having not only an older brother (Bryan), but a younger one (Sydney) and two yonger sisters too (Maria & Helga). His time outside of school was either spent helping out in the gym, or taking care of his siblings. What with his Mother's weak will, it was up to Bryan and Murry to deal with keeping the tykes in check. It was when working in the gym, Murry felt most happy. He enjoyed working with his dad, and the patrons of the gym were kind enough as he scampered about wiping up sweat off benches and handing out towels. One day, Murry experienced his first boxing match in the gym. And although he didn't participate, it was there watching from the side, that he made his desision. "One day, I'm gonna rule that ring!"

The words of that young mudkip stuck for the years to follow. Anytime Murry had some free time, he went to the gym and punched the hell out of a bag. It was a couple months since he started, before his father stepped in to guide him on his journey to the ring. It wasn't for another five months until he stepped into the ring, and got thoughly pummeled. Murry didn't quit though, in fact, in a weeks time, he came back! And got flattened again. Each time he was knocked down, Murry came back, and on his fifth match, Murry won his first match. For the next six years, Murry kept working at his dream. And then his Father sold the Gym, and his family moved to Cianwood City.

Murry's father stepped down as his trainer, but introduced him to a new trainer. The Sawk, named Arin, saw more potential in the Marshtomp and chose to make him swap from boxing to Muay Thai. Murry took to it like fire to gunpowder! For the years that followed, Murry pushed himself to new limits. He fought in tounaments, title bouts, and stadiums, gaining reputation and cash. He had everything he wanted! With his money, he could help support his family. With his reputation, he had respect and dignity to last his a life time. He was never lacking company and had plenty of admirers. So why was it that as the years went on, it all began to feel hollow? Murry found himself longing for something else in life, something more.

Murry dropped out of the circuit, hung up his gloves, shook the hands of his brothers and father, kissed his mother and sisters, and boarded the next boat out of Cianwood. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but he was going to find it.
- Despite this guys workout routine, his diet is far from strict.
- Murry is very supersticious. 
- He keeps in touch with his family, mainly through phone calls. Bryan is probably the one he talks to most though.
- Sometimes you can catch him staring at his old gloves, but he seems to refuse to put them on for some reason.
- He got his nickname from his fighting style and the fact that he tends to yell as he works out.
- Murry's real name is Maurice, but if you call him that, get ready to fight.

I got so many great friends that are neat artists that I'm gonna do a new Character Feature Journal!

1. Lhumina the pun-master!

PKMN Crossing: Hickory by Lhumina

Look at this bastard! You'd be a fool to think I'd choose anyone other than hickory Lhumina's representative. Hickory is all man, despite what the other characters of his masculinity level, I think he's all man and a damn funny character. Before PKMC closed, I'd be surprised if someone didn't think of Hickory as one of the mascots of the group, he's easily recognisable and his adventures around Pokette were memorable and always humorous. I hope he's able to get a second chance in a new group.

2. Starbound cadet Mriia

Francine Moffett by Mriia

Frankie! Max never got the chance to meet Frankie, a disappointment really, but I digress. Frankie's one sassy lady and she's got a wicked design, those pants look so comfy! She also is something you don't see often in the HPM scene with her dark skin and age, which I think makes her stand out pretty well. Mriia unfortunately left HPM, but she intends to come back with a new character. I can only hope she deciders to bring Frankie back~

3. CEO KeatonCreature

Character Sheet: Vyra by KeatonCreature

Why pick a character I know nothing about? Because I'm a runaway train AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!! I know nothing at all about Vyra, but I know that KeatonCreature is a great person who just doesn't draw much, oh, and she always has to pee! (YEAH I SAID IT!!) I don't know what a New Pure is or what her story is about, and I'm only bringing Vyra up because its making Kyuu embarrassed. Anywho, I'm having fun~

4. Princess HimeCandy

Viri-app-HPM by HimeCandy

I would have chosen Shiva, but I feel Viri deserved a bit of attention. Viri's a sweet gal and an awesome nun, even when she's always breaking glass objects. I should have Max harass her sometime, nothing like terrorising a nun. As for her design, its a fairly standard design for a nun, but that is her profession so I guess theres no reason for me to dwell on it. I do hope I get the chance to rp with her one day.

5. Great warrior Relaji

CoR - Carys Argall by Relaji

CARYS, BECAUSE CENTAURS!!! And thats all I have to say. Kidding! In all seriousness, despite my lack of activity in CoR, I love all the characters people have come up with for the group, and Carys is certainly no exception. Gotta love that armour and pole arm weapons are the bomb! Relaji actually has a lot of cool characters, but I figured I'd pick her newest(?) for the sake of how cool and stoic she seems. True my CoR character has never actually met the centaur, but thats not why we're here.

6. Lord of the Dance ElfSama

Pokimono: Itsuwari by ElfSama

Whats that, am I tired of all these Pokemon themed OC's? No. From that I can tell, Itsuwari is actually one of ElfSama's older characters, but with her fairly recent revival I hope to see a bit more of her. Itsuwari has a pretty cool design, with a yellow Kimono, funky hairstyle, and painted face, her disguise as a courtesan would fool anyone. Dig a little deeper though, and you'll find a nice big mouth on the back of her head along with an occupation as a ninja. BELIEVE IT!

7. The sweet Eelfur

Violet HPM Application by Eelfur

So far, Violet has shown quick thinking, cuteness, and a liking of coffee flavoured shaved ice. Whilst Max may not be impressed with her slamming a handful of the icy treat onto his chest, I'm sure he'll warm up to her more over time if things go well. I love Violet's design, its straight to the point and lets everyone know she's a Dustox Gijinka in an instant, and those cute little antennae complete the set! I think my favourite part of her design by far though, are those freckles~!

Aaaaaaaaand I think that concludes todays session.


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